Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Name, Same Vision

The Shepherd Parkway Committee, thusly named since 2011, is a thing of the past. At our September 3 meeting, the five members in attendance voted unanimously to rename ourselves “the Committee to Restore Shepherd Parkway.” 

We feel the new name implies action and movement while pointing towards our ultimate goal: to restore the park -ecologically, aesthetically, as socially -into a dynamic part of the life of Ward 8.  

The Committee to Restore Shepherd Parkway will continue to be an arm of the Congress Heights Community Association and to report to its monthly meetings at the UPO Petey Greene Center.

Membership is the committee to open to anyone who cares about the park, with a special welcome for Ward 8 residents. We always welcome new ideas and energy. We meet about four or five times a year at the homes of Committee members in Ward 8.  To join, contact Nathan Harrington at nbharrington (at) yahoo (dot) com.   

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