Tuesday, December 10, 2013

'Tis the Season to Clean-Up the Park

Most people think that winter is a time to curl up inside with books, football, movies, video games. Those who insist on staying active can be found at the gym.

But at the Shepherd Parkway Committee, we've found that the cold months hold definite advantages when it comes to our work. Without think ground-cover, the trash is easier to find. The lack of leaves on the trees reveals dramatic views across the city and makes it easier to find your way in the woods. Tics are less of a threat, and mosquitos, flies and bees
are non-existent. Most of us find it more comfortable to do manual labor at a cool 40 degrees than sticky 90-degrees.  

If you're convinced, be sure to join us for our next two clean-ups: Saturday, December 14 and Saturday, January 18.

Both days we'll be meeting at the picnic tables near the intersection of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X Avenues SE, six blocks east of the Congress Heights Metro Station.

Be sure to wear boots and warm clothes that can get dirty. Gloves, bags, water, and light refreshments will be provided.

On a sad note, a friend and I came across this injured buck during a recent hike through the park. We found him about 50 yards downhill from 2nd Street near the corner of Oakwood. Both of his hind legs were broken, most likely from being hit by a car, and he could not walk. He tried desperately to get away from us, but to no avail. Worried that he would take several weeks to starve to death if left there, we called the Park Police, who decided that the most humane things to do would be to shoot him so he could die quickly.