Monday, October 5, 2015

How many of these native animals have you seen?

After years of displaying limited and out-of-date information, National Capital Parks-East has finally begun to update its official Shepherd Parkway website. Although some of the links lead to blank pages, there are two exciting new features: a 1,700 word historical narrative and an excellent 29-page wildlife guide

Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing selections of this new content.

The following is a list of the species featured in the wildlife guide. How many of them have you seen?

Eastern Worm Snake
Northern Copperhead Snake
Northern Scarlet Snake (rare)
Northern Black Racer

Eastern Rattlesnake
Red Corn Snake
Eastern Garter Snake
Rough Green Snake
Five-Lined Skinky
Eastern Box Turtle

Northern Red Salamander
Three-Lined Salamander

Virginia Opossum
White Footed Mouse
White-Tailed Deer
Eastern Gray Fox

Wild Turkey
Sharp-Shinned Hawk
Wood Thrush
Bald Eagle

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