Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Crosslake Lutheran Church Kicks Off Wave of Summer Groups

On June 19, 22 youth and three adult leaders from Crosslake Lutheran Church in rural Crosslake, Minnesota  arrived at Shepherd Parkway, the first of six groups who will come through between now and end of July.

The summer weather so far has been cooler than in recently years, moist, rainy, and humid. The section of hillside below LeBaum Street where we worked is one of the worse, trash buried on top of trash.

Wednesday, July 10, the park will get TLC from a group of 50 from Washington Parks and People. The very next day, another Lutheran youth group will descend , 15 strong.

If you are interested in joining on either of these days, email Nathan at

Check back soon for fall and winter community clean-up dates.

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